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As an online time management coach, I help solopreneurs to organize their lives, become more productive, less stressed and accomplish more in less time. I not only share tips for tools and tactics, but also provide insights and strategies to accomplish more. Read more...

Winners DO quit and here’s why

| Mindset

If you were to ask a room full of entrepreneurs, “What’s the key trait of successful entrepreneurs?” Among the common responses of passion, creativity, and competitiveness, you’ll also hear a number of variations of determination and resilience. That ability to just ‘keep going’ no matter what, is seen as a positive, must-have quality for success. […]

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The 215 best Time Management Quotes

| Mindset

On my Instagram and Twitter account, I regularly share time management, productivity quotes, and sayings about time (besides lots of other useful information as well of course). Personally, I love quotes. But I had a hard time to collect all of them. So I decided to share all the quotes I have collected so far, […]

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Don’t Eat That Frog, Eat An Elephant Instead

| Time Management

Brian Tracy, the author of the productivity-boosting book “Eat That Frog,” teaches his lesson points from a saying that is frequently credited to Mark Twain: “Eat a Live Frog Every Morning, and Nothing Worse Will Happen to You the Rest of the Day.” Luckily for entrepreneurs everywhere, this advice is a metaphor; you don’t really […]

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