Your time is the most precious thing you have.
I will help you to get it back.

Hi, I'm Kristof

I help entrepreneurs become super-productive so they can grow their business without sacrificing a thriving personal life

Productivity Coach

I have been plagued most of my life by an inability to concentrate and stay focused. I had a feeling that I could do better. But I was in a comfortable place at work and, as a result, I stayed well in my comfort zone (has this ever happened to you?). I had health issues for several years by then but suddenly it all went downhill fast.

By the time I turned 30 I was unable to work, due to severe back pain and depression. Then something got me to rethink my life: I was diagnosed with a central nervous system disorder. The good news was that I finally got to know why I was in pain 24/7. The bad news: it’s a chronic condition that cannot be cured (*).

On the surface it appeared that my life was falling apart. And it was. But it also was a wake-up call. It is what had to happen (for me) to get out of my comfort zone and finally stop procrastinating, and starting making strides towards reaching my full potential. It was both the worst and the best that could happen to me.

Despite everything that was going on I saw this as an opportunity and a reminder that every day we have the possibility to change our own future.

* I’m still in pain every hour of the day, but thanks to professional guidance and care, I learned how to manage my pain and was able to return to work full-time again.

I decided to hit the reset button

Reset your productivity

Image by Flattop341, used with permission

After those huge wake-up calls and rethinking my values in life, I decided to shift gears and get my act together. I started studying a lot of books and resources on productivity, time management, and procrastination.

I learned a lot and was able to grow the way I wanted to. But I also found out there’s a lot of outdated and often even plain wrong information being spread around.

Instead of blaming others, I decided to share what I had learned so far and to spread the information, tools, tips, and tactics that worked for me, based on my personal research and successful application to my life and my clients. I’m not a “guru” and I don’t pretend to be, but I do have first-hand experience in everything I share and teach on my site.

Let me help you to be more productive

If you’re interested in maximizing your productivity and honing your time-management skills, you’ve come to the right place. Your time is the most precious thing you have. I will help you to get the most out of it.