Freelancer Cost Calculator

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🖊 This article was last updated on November 21, 2019

With this calculator, you can see how the hourly rate of your (future) freelancer/assistant translates to your bottom line.

The first results “outsourcing cost” calculate how much your freelancer will cost you per day, week, month, and year.

If you want, you can also enter how much you, as an entrepreneur, earn yourself to see how much money you’ll save by outsourcing these tasks to a freelancer that costs you less than you earn. This is shown in the “your return on investment” part.

PS: If you’re unsure about the hourly rates, I’ve compiled a list of freelancer rates of over 90 categories that you can hire right now

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  • Todd says:

    Cool calculator and the reference for free lance rates was good to know!

    • Kristof says:

      I’m glad you liked it!

  • Scott says:

    Interesting idea….never thought of running a calculator on this. I’m bookmarking it for several of my business clients. I tend to do this old school but this will help them.

    • Kristof says:

      A common question I get is “how much does a freelancer cost?”. And while it’s a good question, most don’t realize hiring a freelancer or virtual assistant can actually MAKE you money. I mean, the numbers don’t lie, right? ?

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